Cremation and burial services throughout Latvia

Our assignment is to provide a decent burial or cremation

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Cremation and burial services in Latvia

Cremation and burial

New licensed crematorium in Latvia offers cremation and burial services in Riga and throughout Latvia. Our assignment is to adhere to all burial and ritual traditions and to provide a decent burial or cremation. Note: Cremation services in the territory of the Republic of Latvia can be provided only by merchants who have received a special permit (license) issued by the municipality to do a cremation services. European standard EN 15017 / ICS 03.080.30 "Funeral services - Requirements"


New licensed crematorium in Latvia

Funeral House - Crematorium is a new crematorium and one of two crematoriums in Latvia, which has received a special permit (license) for doing a cremation. License from April 21, 2016.

● Cremation certificate

In Latvia, documents on cremation can be issued only by licensed crematorium. The cremation certificate is presented in the cemetery before burial. New crematorium cremation certificate and Urn (Capsule):

● We have

A crematorium, a farewell hall, a morgue, burial offices, a transport (catafalque), a wide range of ritual products. We provide burial or cremation according to the deceased denomination.


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