Accompanying funeral services

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Burial – additional services

Additional services of burial procedure

Possible additional funeral services, necessary for a decent burial of the deceased.


Transportation of the deceased from / to other countries The Funeral House - Crematorium offers the transfer of the deceased to the chosen burial country. We will help you to transfer the deceased to Russia and CIS countries, Europe and other countries, and to bring the mortal remains from these countries to Latvia.

We offer also our assistance in the completion of all necessary documents so that the mortal remains can be transfered. Our staff will advise you on the necessary documents for transporting the deceased and, if necessary, will help you to complete all these documents.

Outline and content of the service - Transportation costs - distance from the catafalque car, starting from 0,35 EUR / km.
- Cost of the intended coffin for transportation - by air, by land, by sea.
- Toll road, bridge, etc. costs according to the relevant country`s toll path policies.
- Additional transport costs.
- Costs for completion of transportation documents.
- Air transport and airport charges, if transported by air, depending on distance and country.
- Necessary sanitary, hygienic, disinfection and epidemiological safety measures.
- Provisioning of morgue services.
- Embbalment services.
- Other expenses that may be related to repatriation from abroad to Latvia or vice versa.

Morgue services

Certified morgue The new crematorium offers its own certified morgue, in which you can store the deceased in appropriate and decent conditions until the day of the cremation or funeral. We offer all services of the morgue, as well as, if necessary, autopsy.

We offer Morgue services at affordable prices, and ensures proper storage conditions. Our specialists can wash, dress, prepare and place the deceased in a coffin. If necessary, our employees will help to put in the coffin and those things that the relatives wants to bring with them to the deceased in the last way.


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